Friday, March 18, 2011

Fabric addiction...can't stop sewing

I made these pants using knitted happy with the results....

Thank you story

Sempat lagi jait this big blanket for the son of a fren'- a Gastroeterologist yg scope me last year.....
... i bought this panel online...oh i have so many panels!

 Earl Grey tea set, pesan kat my sis in Manchester.....Love this
See teko kecik tuh....benda tu -diffuser...cute


A cheap fabric find

 Sukonyo...i found this cotton jeans , and interfacing at one of the store in KB!

cotton jeans like fabrik and another type of cotton
( bag ideas ??)


  If anybody nak kirim, maybe i bleh beli next time( bergantung pada keadaan)
Cotton jeans like -RM 15/mtr
Cotton macam kat atas( perang ) - RM 15/mtr
Interfacing -RM 6/mtr
( not including postage )



  1. Love the pants!!
    So it was u who bought the knit fabric from L&CS.
    I ada beli jugak tapi lom buat apa2 lagi.
    Wow! Caiya la..u pun 3 boys ek. How old are they?
    Mine is 8Y,4Y and 1+

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Azaidris,


    They r 9,8 & 2 yrs tahun ni...bila nak jait kain tu? :P..can't wait to see
    i ingat nak ambik baju t shirt yg lama2- bleh guna buat pants jugak..