Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A must Cuti Day

Did this after seeing this tutorial from TallgrassPS-see this


Sori for poor image quality.. uploaded using my HP
Today is my cuti day...i need rest , headache, stress, tired
Did sewing, sewing, shopping and pegi kedai nyonya get hair wash ( 2nd salon, first salon ade lelaki dok gunting n cuci )-------kenapalah mat rempit suko pegi salon perempuan hahhhh??????

first attempt-skirt

polka dots again :)

i tak ingat nama pokok ni, but purposedly planted pokok ni 4 years ago...and love it ...see how they provide the shades?
I strongly rekomen !! ( daripada dok tanam those useless palm trees )

..and burung dah bertelur- first time :)

which one is mummy?


 belum berani lagi...


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